About Us

About iJordan Tours

iJordan Tours is a professional destination management company (DMC), providing tours and ground services in Jordan to tourist from all over the world. We are a knowledgeable, creative and friendly team who is passionate about travel. Our knowledge is based on years of research and experience in Jordan and other destinations including Holy Land Jerusalem.

iJordan Tours is licensed by the Ministry Of Tourism And Antiquities, and certified member of Jordan Tourism Board And Jordan Society Of Tourism & Travel Agents in Jordan,  with the license number of    200110451

We create well-planned authentic travel experiences that help you take in the best that the destinations have to offer. While focusing on expert-led group tours and flexible tailor-made holidays, we also offer family holidays, trekking holidays, and luxury holidays that range from lavish to adventurous.

When traveling with iJordan Tours you travel with confidence thanks to the expertise of our team members and the enthusiasm of our Tour Consultants and local representatives.

At iJordan Tours we emphasize on involving the local communities and cultures to be an integral part of your trip for you to fully experience the destination. We strongly believe that you genuinely live the culture when you see it through the eyes of the locals.

At iJordan Tours we Believe that “Someone who purchases a service may go empty-handed, but they don’t go away empty-headed”. They have memories that can be shared with others”

Why Choose iJordan Tours

Dedication: We are committed to guaranteed customer satisfaction. We aim to meet our customer’s expectation and to even exceed those expectations whenever possible.

Passion matters: we truly believe that passion is integral to attain greatness

Proactive Consultations: Always think a step ahead and focus on our customer’s future needs.

Fearless innovation: We think out of the box for you to enjoy a lifetime experience

We listen: Our services are customizable and adaptable to each and every customer’s needs.

A happy customer is a repeat customer: we provide products and services worthy of our customer’s trust and loyalty

Our Vision

Be traveler's first choice to jordan

Our Mission

At i jordan Tours, We strongly believe that you genuinely live the culture when you see it through the eyes of the locals