Amman: عمان (AKA Rabat Ammon)

Amman was built on seven hills (in Arabic Tilal تلال) defining Amman’s uniquely versatile neighborhoods. Amman is a unique city of fascinating contrasts with multicultural, well-educated very hospitable people. A mixture of old and new, Amman holds almost half of Jordan’s population.

Ammanies – as well as visitors of Amman – enjoy the warmth and welcoming spirit of this grand city. You could pay a visit to many interesting sites in the capital such as the Citadel, Jabal Al Qal’a, Hercules Temple (AKA Great Temple of Amman), the Roman Theatre, the Jordan Folklore Museum, the Jordan Archeological Museum, the Museum of Popular Traditions, the King Abdullah Mosque and the famous old souks (traditional markets أسواق) in the downtown area (Al Balad البلد) in Amman.